Did You Know?

Only 44% of children brush their teeth twice a day.

Many of our health habits are established at a young age, so make sure your children take two minutes each morning and evening to brush.

Typically, a shark will lose at least one tooth every week and a new tooth will replace it within a day

The average North American can exert approximately 30-40lbs per square inch of pressure with their jaws – denture wearers can get up to about 15lbs.

Some Inuit people can exert 350lbs of pressure.

It’s not a coincidence that apples are the symbol of good health. In the Middle Ages, the English said, “To eat an apple before going to bed will make the doctor beg his bread.” We now know that there’s a sound basis for the familiar “apple a day” rhyme.

On average, parents begin bringing their children to the dentist at age 3. That is 2.5+ years without a checkup on a brand new set of teeth.

91% of patients with heart disease also have periodontitis; a serious gum infection that destroys the soft tissue and bone that support your teeth.

The mildly acidic nature and astringent quality of apples, combined with their rough, fiber-rich flesh, makes them the ideal food for cleansing teeth while you eat

George Franklin Grant (09/15/1846 – 08/21/1910) was the first African American professor at Harvard. He was also a Boston dentist, and was the inventor of the wooden golf tee.

The official term used to label the condition of burning the roof of your mouth is, "Pizza Palate"

Sesame seed oil reduces plaque and bacteria to fight gingivitis, while it aids in the remineralization of the enamel

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